Private fitness sessions

For when you need to remind yourself that working out is actually fun, that nothing is stopping you from having an awesome body you adore, and that empowering your mind when you move will actually gift you the physical results you are after in more ways than one.


BLISSFUL BODY (personal training one-on-one sessions)

If you could have the shape of your dreams – what would it look like?

What would it feel like to wake up every morning and absolutely love your body?

What about loving your body and releasing the feeling of “Oh gosh, I feel so fat and out of shape?!”

What about releasing the need to worry, analyze, stress, or feel frustrated about how you look?

What about enjoying your workouts, because you are dancing your way to your best body?


Gift yourself a private session to tone your muscles, burn calories, and enhance your flexibility in your own home (options available for virtual sessions if preferred or needed).  You’ll move through a structured routine including both isolated and full bodied sculpting moves to target small and large muscle groups.  Additionally, you’ll learn a cardio-dance entirely based off your ability level (No need to fear if rhythm and coordination are not in your wheel house! This is for you and all moves can be as simple as necessary without sacrificing cardiovascular impact).  This dance is choreographed to a song of your choosing and will be tailored to what is most suited for your body and its optimal growth. The dance is taught repeatedly and performed for the ultimate enjoyable cardiovascular experience that gets you burning calories and toning your body while having a blast!  For added flexibility, you’ll live and breathe in a series of stretches for extend periods of time for a true opening in the muscles with a meditative focus.


Here’s more of what you can expect…


1).  Create a crystal clear vision of your dream body and the life you’ll be living in it.

2).  Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your dance and fitness efforts and keeping you out of your best shape, and more so, keeping you from loving your body.

3).  Do a kick-ass dance-fitness workout that will leave you sweating and inspired to achieve and sustain your healthiest and happiest results!

4).  Discuss step by step action plans to incorporate beyond your workouts to get your lifestyle, fitness, and food habits supporting your ultimate goal and best self.


Interested in sweating, smiling and snagging your best body with me?  Leave a message here and answer the following questions. Expect a response within 24 to 48 hours to schedule your introductory BLISSFUL BODY session. (It’s best to reserve 75 minutes for this initial one-on-one). 

1).  On a scale of 0 to 10, how important is it for you to feel great about your body?

2).  What have you tried doing to achieve results and curb crappy feelings in the past?

3).  What do you see as your biggest challenge with achieving physical results and feeling great about your body?