Online Classes

THE LIVING DANCE METHOD: a dance and fitness lifestyle to transform and empower your body, mind, and soul.


Are you sick and tired of wanting to achieve a weight that you are truly happy with once and for all?

Are you done with always wanting to lose the same 10 pounds, no matter what weight you are at?

Are you finished feeling sluggish, out-of-shape, less-than, and un-motivated?

Do you want to put an end to looking in the mirror and always seeing something you want to change?

Are you after that glow? That “it factor” that keeps not only heads turning in your confident direction, but also brings all the positive attention and opportunities your way?

Do you want to get a serious sweaty workout in but struggle to find time?

Do you want access directly to Christina Marie, as if she was your personal trainer?


Yeah. I did too. (Except I was obviously looking for someone else to help me out!)


I created THE LIVING DANCE METHOD first because I needed it myself, second because I knew I wasn’t alone, and third because every single woman deserves to feel confident, beautiful, empowered, fit, healthy, and happy in her body and in her life (especially if we are striving for female equality here!).

Are you ready to commit to yourself and transform your body, mind, and spirit with some serious dancing, sweat, and fun?!

Alright, the nitty gritty for you…


This program includes:

-Live, follow-along classes done in real time Christina Marie, held once a week. Open Q and A follows each of these live classes. Can’t make it? All live classes classes are recorded and saved for you to access later.

-The breakdown of six, cardiovascular dance routines, including different styles of music and dance, featuring original artists – Rock, Hip-Hop, B’way, Indie, Modern-Classic, and Club

-“Performance Videos” of just the dances so once you know the choreography, you can go straight through like a pro

-Daily warm-up up (10 minutes)

-Low-impact toning videos targeting arms, abs, glutes, and thighs (10-15 minutes each)

-High intensity interval training videos (5-10 minutes each)

-Stretching series (5-15 minutes each)

(Live classes occur once a week. New recorded videos are added each month).


-Guided meditations, suitable for the mediation skeptic

-“Prime Yourself for Success” a step by step video/podcast guide to set your self to make and keep your goal.

-“Happiest Healthiest Weight” a step by step video/podcast guide to make your optimal food choices.

-“Death to Self-Sabotage” a step by step video/podcast guide to end criticizing your body, and start learning how to love your body and yourself and operate from your wisest, greatest self.

-A Clean Eating Diet plan that will give you recipes to jump start your healthiest eating habits (created by nutrition consultant Alexandra Sheppard).


You get all of that, plus these divine bonuses:

-Access to a private forum with other participants to be held accountable and ask your own questions.

-Attention and direct communication with Christina Marie within the forum.

-Live interviews once a month from those in the health and wellness field to bring new information and knowledge to your fingertips. Experts include experienced nutritionists, other fitness trainers, dance artists, meditation leaders, skincare experts and more.


All for only $18 a month. (Yup, for just the price of a NYC martini, or an expensive salad from Chop’t!). And, unlike your food and drink, you can cancel/re-start your subscription at any time. No additional fees or charges.

Want to commit yourself whole-heartedly, and save some dough? Pay up front for the year for only $160 and save over $50! That’s only $13.33 a month. Honestly, your physical health, mental wellbeing, and confidence is priceless. Investing in yourself is always worth the while, and is by far with more than $13.33.


Disclaimer:  I am entirely about you achieving a true transformation and want you to absolutely love working out and sweating along side of me. If for some reason you are unhappy with your annual membership, I will refund you entirely for any unused months. If you are paying per month, you can cancel at any time, and you will not be charged moving forward.


Stay tuned for the official launch of THE LIVING DANCE METHOD – coming your way, May 2018!