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Join in on this one-of-a-kind immersive, energetic group experience and get the re-boot your body, mind, and spirit need to shift into high gear. That means superior and quicker physical results and a clearer mind, that roots for your body and best self. You’ll leave kicking that struggle with your weight to the curb!


Do you get your best workout when you are surrounded by other women giving their all?

Do you feel like you need to hit the re-boot button on your workouts and how you feel in your body?

Do you thrive when you get assistance, in person?

Are you aching for a sense of “real life” community where your questions about wellness, body image, and a healthy weight can be heard, supported, and answered?

Join Christina Marie for the next REVEAL – REALIGN – REJOICE!



What happens at this kick-ass, full-throttle, sweaty, supportive, fun event?



-Watch a live performance of original choreography from Christina Marie’s work in progress, currently titled, “Romanticalish.” (Yup, you guessed it. It’s a work-in-progress discovering a truer sense of self through the trials and tribulations of finding romance !).



-Push thru a full hour long dance-cardio class that warms and tones your body with a series of intense full bodied sculpting exercises.

-Learn an easy-to-follow dance to a fun and energizing song; all moves are broken down repeatedly and taught step by step to ensure your body can pick up all the steps but move whole-heartedly for a deeper sweat.

-Gain intimate knowledge about your optimal physical alignment for more muscular balance, injury prevention, and genuine strength.

-Sweat and push your physical and cardiovascular limits with high intensity intervals paired with a performance of all your newly learned dance moves.

-Target your core with a series of plank and abdominal mat work.

-Open and release your muscles with sustained stretches, paired with a meditative focus.



-Understand how meditation can help release your inner critic and help you gain better (and quicker) physical results.

-Enjoy a guided meditation, which can later be adopted into simple, daily practices outside of the meditation and studio.

-Learn how to change habits that aren’t serving you and optimize how you talk to and about yourself and your body so real, physical, tangible goals become inevitable.

-Bring home with you three concrete and simple lifestyle switches that you can implement to increase physical results and mental clarity.

-Meet and mingle with the support of other wellness experts and like-minded women.



Stay tuned for the next event coming your way!