Group fitness classes

Enliven is geared for you to push your body to its limits and orient your mind and spirit to the positive and possible while enjoying (and sweating!) the heck out of yourself dancing. 

Enliven motivates you, warms and tones your body with a series of intense full bodied sculpting exercises. You’ll learn cardiovascular dance moves, performed repeatedly and taught step by step to ensure your body can not only follow along but move whole-heartedly for a deeper sweat. The moves are finally choreographed to a song you adore and will be sure to leave you energized. Each class has a particular focus that allows you to see you, your body, and your movement with a positive lens to help ignite a deep-rooted change to manifest your physical best body. All dance and toning moves are easy to follow (two left-footers welcome and no experience required!) and focus on keeping your heart-rate elevated, confidence soaring, and body pushed to new heights for the duration of class. It concludes with a guided meditation and prolonged stretches for a deep opening of the muscles and mind. Please bring sneakers, water and your enthusiasm!

Enliven is offered as a workshop at Athleta UWS (Columbus and 70th Street, NYC):

November 9th at 6:30pm

Click here to sign up and reserve your spot!

(Class is free, but RSVP is necessary).


More chances to dance? Catch dance cardio (Figure 4 Fierce) at Pure Yoga:

Tuesdays 8:30am (Pure Yoga East)

Saturdays 8am (Pure Yoga West)

Click here to sign up and reserve your spot!