Take Action. Dance. Do: Let Yourself Go


My blog is called Living-Dance, yet my latest posts have been dance-related fitness. Why the heck am I not choreographing and dancing more myself? So what I don’t have a current project at the moment.

No more waiting. No more excuses. Time to take action. Choreograph without judgement. Dance. Do.

What are you sick of waiting for and what are you going to do?

Standing Abs: to tone your tummy!

There are definitely mornings when my back is particularly tight and crunches feel a bit aggressive.  Standing abs are the solution! Give this series a go to work your core while standing upright.  Halleluiah!

Bonus points if you can spot Kato, my kitty, making a cameo appearance.  He thinks his Mom is crazy.  ;  )

Leave a comment and let me know how you feel afterwards.

Theraband Total Training Triumph

Therabands always baffled me and I never knew quite what to do with them – beyond merely using them to strengthen my feet and ankles – until today that is…

I locked myself in a room with one until I conquered it and created a full body workout.  Gratefully, now I get to share these newfound moves with you!  Great to do on the go, in the morning, before class to get a heat going, and so very much more.

Let a gal know…What is your favorite part of this burn?!

TLC Time: Breathe and Lengthen

While it’s no new revelation for me, I have been really awful about taking care of myself – particularly as of late.  As I type, I have a bump on my arm that has been there for two years without being looked at, a missing cap on my back tooth that has yet to be replaced, and I’ve been massage-less since I came home from my 6-week Italian tour in March.  Eek!!!  And I doubt I’m alone.  So, we are going to give our lives and movement some room to breathe and stretch.  I’m lighting the grip and sharing a stretching series that will hopefully bring us both some peace of mind! The movement series starts at 1:19, so you can hop right to it for the second side.

A Sure-Fire Thigh Toner

As a dancer, these isolated exercises have toned my legs, making them leaner, but more importantly, stronger.  Supplemental cross training has enhanced my dancing and has taken the issue of not having enough muscular stamina to survive a killer piece of choreography out of the equation.  It also has made me happy to conquer subway stairs two at a time and run after my friend’s two-year-old.  Bring. It. On.  Give it a go, and I’m always happy to hear how you feel with long, lean, strong gams.

Core Strength with Plank

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