Dancing Abs!

Don’t do a single crunch. Instead, dance it out with me to this choreographed routine to get a toned tummy without feeling like you just did a “workout.”

These four moves will get you feeling oh-so-tight and toned.

Step Small and Dream Big…and Dance!

You have to dream big, and then dream bigger yet again, if you crave that ideal juicy life, bod, job, lover, what-have-you! Yet simultaneously, fight overwhelm with one small step a day. And celebrate those small wins – because they are magnificent!

Here’s a small clip of original choreography, choreographed with the help my dear friend Whitney G-Bowley. Check out the debut, in real time, on Dec 10th at 4:30pm at Pure Yoga on the Upper West Side. It’s FREE!

Enjoy listening to Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra jam out “My Pretty Girl.”

This is my small step to a much larger production I’m dreaming up in full 1920s glamour and fanfare! : )

What’s the baby step you’re taking?? Leave a message below and let me know!

Dance Fearlessly

You can’t step trepidatiously in dance. If you do, that step will be sure to fail you. The only way to be successful in your dance (aka life) is to step confidently and boldly – despite whether you feel dumb. And you can’t wait for someone to tell you exactly how to move. You need to take the initiative yourself, trust your instincts, and know that only you can move the best way for you.

Here’s a easy-to-follow dance-cardio combination to “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke for you to do just that!

I break it down for you first and then I dance it out wholeheartedly. : )

What scares you? What are you on the fence about? Let me know below!

And more importantly let’s kick those fears to the curb and conquer!


“Smile” – A Stretch for Your Mind and Muscles

Enjoy this stretch for your muscles, not to mention your mind and and spirit too! Deep breaths with each move slowly rid yourself of tension. Music is by my dear friend Mario Spinetti. And ps – putting a bit of a smile on your face while you do it will make it that much betta! ; )

Enjoy the Process

A snippet of choreography I’m working on with the help of vocalist extraordinaire (and dear friend and mentor), Mario Spinetti. This is his beautiful song, “The Real Thing.”

Take pride and luxuriate in your journey so your result is honest and worthwhile.

Get Fly with Dancing and some Sugar

Just use yourself and some dance moves to gain some depth to your physical practice and make results yours!

I breakdown these dance moves and then perform full out with feeling with you to this fun tune. Join me and get sweaty. : )

Thighs, Tush, and Low Abs…Oh my!

Tone your thighs, tush, and low abs with the this dance toning workout. No extra props or even sneakers required. Just eleven minutes and twenty seconds of your time and a little bit of enthusiasm!

Post Thanksgiving Abs!

Burn off that turkey with an abdominal set!  No props necessary!  After some much-needed relaxation, this jolted me back into dancing action.  An added bonus for us all – my furry assistant, Kat0, has showed off his tricks too.  ; )


And let me know, what do you like to do after a restful holiday week?

Tone Your Arms With Dance – No Push-Ups Needed!

Push-ups can be monotonous and boring. Give your arms and back some definition while dancing! Here’s a simple to follow routine that will give you that, “I am a powerful and beautifully strong woman” look!

Feel Good: Dance It Out

Need a good sweat to kick start your day? Or perhaps unwind after a long one? Here’s a choreographed dance for you to do to feel oh so good! I break it down and then do it with you.

Let me know what you think!

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