Training for Pro-Dancers

For when you need to remember why you fell in love with dance in the first place, that there is actually nothing wrong with any part of your body, and that if you actually use your technique as a mere vehicle for elated performance, you will be rewarded ten-fold.



This class is where you stop trash talking your biscuits, barely existent turnout, and the size of our thighs.  It’s where you start celebrating the goods you’ve got and have the time of your life doing ballet.

Yes, ballet.

BALLET BLAST initiates with a brief introspective moment for us to reconnect with why you are there to dance.  You kick-start your bodies with a series of fitness exercises used to intensely activate, strengthen, and shape essential muscles for optimal movement power.  Then you hit the barre to find rootedness and acute precision in your legs while coordinating a freely releasing, contracting, and twisting torso.  Center work expounds on these expansive movements, melding modern release swing of your limbs and extreme spiraling of your torsos with finesse and suppleness through series of sailing pirouettes and boundless jumps.

Focus is on what matters – uninhibited performance, fearless risk-taking, and full potential of movement – addressed at both the origin of the mind and derivation of the body.  Your purpose established at the onset of class brings forth a deeper mind-body awareness and rewards you with the ideal abandon in which dance thrives.  Whether you are thoughtfully articulating adagio phrase work or propelling yourself into technical feats with contemporary flare, it is done while jamming to the sounds of music, both known and adored, with an open-minded, non-judgmental, lighthearted vibe leading the way.

You game?

BALLET BLAST is being held on a workshop-only basis at the moment. 


Note to artists: Christins Marie is currently working on choreography to further develop. Stay tuned for opportunities to be a part of the process.