Step Small and Dream Big…and Dance!

You have to dream big, and then dream bigger yet again, if you crave that ideal juicy life, bod, job, lover, what-have-you! Yet simultaneously, fight overwhelm with one small step a day. And celebrate those small wins – because they are magnificent!

Here’s a small clip of original choreography, choreographed with the help my dear friend Whitney G-Bowley. Check out the debut, in real time, on Dec 10th at 4:30pm at Pure Yoga on the Upper West Side. It’s FREE!

Enjoy listening to Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra jam out “My Pretty Girl.”

This is my small step to a much larger production I’m dreaming up in full 1920s glamour and fanfare! : )

What’s the baby step you’re taking?? Leave a message below and let me know!

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