Standing Abs: to tone your tummy!

There are definitely mornings when my back is particularly tight and crunches feel a bit aggressive.  Standing abs are the solution! Give this series a go to work your core while standing upright.  Halleluiah!

Bonus points if you can spot Kato, my kitty, making a cameo appearance.  He thinks his Mom is crazy.  ;  )

Leave a comment and let me know how you feel afterwards.

2 Responses to “Standing Abs: to tone your tummy!

  • Sarah Braverman
    2 years ago

    Yes Tina Marie! I loved it! I’ve been missing my daily dose of morning and with you so thank you for this! Love you!

    • christinailisije
      2 years ago

      Sarah darling! I’m thrilled you enjoy and I miss you dearly. Love you and must see you soon!

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