Are you a gunther?

Spoiler alert!  To be honest, found this drafted post on my hard drive and it resonance, so it really only is a spoiler if you catch ancient reruns on hulu!


Ok, ok so I’m completely guilty and unassumingly a Grey’s Anatomy watcher and I recently caught episode 3 from the 5th season (come on, you all know which one I’m talking about, don’t play!), where the surgeons we know and love go into surgery without an attending’s lead in order for them to duke it out under pressure in the OR and save a life instead of bickering at each others throats and letting egos get in the way.


Obviously, there are natural born leaders and there are those who naturally take a back seat.  There are those who are so type A and can’t handle being second string (ahheemm, Yang…) who aggressively take charge and then who’s over-confidence and hasty actions cause more harm than good.  Then there are the few who perhaps are more silent leaders, those unexpected, who have the skill and use it wisely when the time is right.  What type are you? In life? In the studio?  What happens when creative opportunities arise and you are working in a group to  deliver a single work with one clear focus.  There are those who will inherently speak up and there are those who will inherently listen.


What is being asked of you at your job?  Does your boss want to see you take a lead role?  Is this something that can be turned on and turned off at times?  If we are aware of how we normally react in creative group scenarios, could we then capable of altering our nature to gel more effectively and create the most productive work environment?  I always believe yes.


Dancing is a particularly collaborative work environment and I am constantly reminded of this teamwork while creating new work and coming together to create a piece with a single cohesive idea.  Listening to those we are working beside as well as the head honcho in the room, helps make creative choices in alignment with the work.  So no need to be the loudest or one coming up with idea after idea, even though your inner ham may be craving center stage!  Let’s focus on the quality of your contribution and your delivery; demeanor, tone and timing affect how your idea is perceived and potentially welcomed.


But then of course, when your awareness and consideration of the group task at hand is clearly understood – let your creative juices run wild…and as the doctors do – save the day!

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