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We all deserve to have a body we love.  We are all beyond capable of obtaining our wildest aspirations.  We all have an endless capacity to change.  

To create lasting change – for our bodies, habits, in our artistic pursuits, and lives – we must first transform our mindset.  When we move from a place of positivity, the physical results that transpire are exponential and boundless.   Stop moving your body from a mere physical place and running up against dissatisfaction and inconsistency.  Start using your mind and soul with your muscle and get surprised with the life-lasting results you manifest.  And before it kills you, please, have a little fun dancin’ while you do it!


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Honest words from real and beautiful women.
  • Christina Marie is an absolute gem. Her experience as a dancer has given her the knowledge to understand just how the body moves. Whether you have past injuries or limitations, she will always have your posture and form in mind. She has such a special ability to teach with love, care and pure passion while still make you hustle and work to your highest capabilities. Her high energy, kind heart and bad ass arms are a beautiful combination of motivation. She not only is an incredible guide into the world of dance and fitness but a life teacher who makes you remember that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and if you can't laugh at yourself and have a good time. What's the point!?
  • There are countless trainers and workouts, but nothing compares to what Christina Marie offers. She is an incomparably talented dancer, instructor and artist who infuses her passion into every workout; I’m so engrossed in her energy, I willingly and happily let the sweat pour and the movement take me to places I didn’t think were possible. I have been training with Christina Marie for over 5 years; I am continuously amazed at how dutifully she works to challenge the body in new ways and create choreography that is not only fun, but helps you feel energized and motivated to take on the world. She is a true partner who motivates you by putting in the hard work and sweating it out alongside you.


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